10 Main Indicators Of A Good Essay Writing Service

  1. Professional homepage
  2. A good writing company will have a clean, easy to read website. Everything you need should be right there on the front page. It should also have contact, pricing, and reviews clearly displayed. Sites that look like they have not seen an update since the 90’s should be avoided!

  3. Up-front Pricing
  4. Prices should be listed in a way that is simple to understand. If prices are not listed, there should be a form that potential customers can fill out to get a quote estimate.

  5. Reasonable Prices
  6. Prices should be neither too expensive nor too cheap. Also, prices should vary depending on which kind of writing is needed. Simple essays should run quite cheap, and theses should be more expensive.

  7. Product Diversity
  8. A good essay company offers all kinds of products for their customers. These can range from high school level 1-page papers to college-level research papers and graduate-level dissertations.

  9. Refunds or Revision Available
  10. If the company does quality work, it will offer refunds. Quality work means offering refunds costs nothing to the company, so they will have no hesitation in offering full or partial refunds if you are not satisfied with the work. At the very least, free revisions for unsatisfied customers should be available.

  11. Great Reviews
  12. Look for reviews from former customers. These could be found on the company’s website. However, it’s important to try to find reviews that are not necessarily approved by the company. It’s a good idea to do a web search on the company’s name to find a review.

  13. Specialists
  14. A good company will have writers who specialize in various fields, style of writing, and education levels. For example, the company must provide highly educated writers and writers who have specific knowledge of the terminology used in each field offered from the company.

  15. Editing and Reference Included
  16. Editing and reference services should be included in the service. Ideally, one writer would do the first draft, and a second writer from the same company should edit the piece before you ever see it.

  17. Customer Service Options
  18. Customer service must be available. There should be a phone number and e-mail contact listed clearly on the company’s web page. Live chatting customer service is also a plus.

  19. Follow-up Services
  20. Just in case you have any problems with your result, a good company will stay in contact even after payment was made, and your writing has been delivered.


11 2016