Why Not To Buy A Speech Online

Many of the best speeches were written with the assistance of speechwriters and this is not a bad thing if you're a politician or a corporate executive who is accepting an award. However, no matter what your profession is, it is never a good idea to buy ready-made speeches online because it hurts your integrity and the speech you purchase lacks your personality, thoughts and beliefs. If you want to present a well thought out speech, you should first decide on what you want to include in the speech then get assistance with writing the speech. If you're taking a public speaking class and need to write a speech, you could get a bad grade if the professor finds out if you have unoriginal work.

You Lose Out On The Opportunity To Be Creative

Buying a speech online doesn't allow you to be creative in your speech because you're presenting someone else's opinions instead of your own. For example, if you're writing a speech about how your study of the Bible has changed your view of certain social issues, this is a project that must be completed by you because the professional at a writing service does not have the same experience as you and only you can accurately describe this journey.

It Is Taking The Easy Way Out

When you decide to buy a speech online, you are taking the easy way out instead of putting in effort and time to develop ideas and organize your speech correctly. The best way to write a speech is to research the topic you're discussing and revising the speech multiple times before the day of the speech carefully.

You Cheat Hearers and Readers

When people hear and read your speech, they want to know that you believe what you're saying and that you are very knowledgeable of the subject. By using a speech from another writer, you cannot honestly say that you are being yourself to the audience. In addition, hearers don't get to see the real you.


Speeches are supposed to be memorable and original and this is not accomplished when you buy a speech online. If you've been asked to write a speech, you should take time to work on it and get assistance from your teacher if necessary. Finally, inject your personality into the speech as you write it.


11 2016