How to write a successful essay in 5 steps

Students of all grades are supposed to write essays depending upon their degree and educational level. Some essays are more complex than the others depending upon the subject. It is not difficult to succeed in kind of writing if you divide your work in steps. You can divide your task according to the time you are left with. For students who do not know how to divide their essay in steps this article will be of great help. You can simply follow the given steps to be able to write a good essay. Writing is not a linear process you can always come back to the first step even after completing the last one.

The steps you need to be aware of are as follows:

  1. Research carefully
  2. When you are asked to write an essay by your teacher at the university or high school the first thing you should do is carry out extensive research. It is important for selecting a unique topic. If the topic is already suggested by the professor then you should research the past material written on the given topic and choose an aspect that still needs to be addressed. If all the aspects of the topic have been discussed earlier you should identify the one that lacks certain information and write about it.

  3. Choose your topic
  4. When you carefully analyze the previous written materials then you can easily choose which one needs further explanation. While choosing a topic make sure to select the area you are passionate about. If you write about something that seems interesting to you then it will show in your writing. It will have a natural flow and will not drive the reader away due to boredom.

  5. Collect relevant data
  6. After choosing your topic you need to have enough data about it. If you have enough data then you need to sort it out. You will have to analyze your collected materials. There will be infraction that does not add meaning to your wiring and is irrelevant. Delete the irrelevant details so that your essay is brief and to the point. Use authenticated and valid sources for quoting figures, statistics and numerical values.

  7. Write the first draft
  8. The next step involves writing the first draft of your paper. Start only after collecting enough information

  9. Proof read your essay
  10. Finally proof read and edit your essay


03 2014