How to write a great persuasive speech

Writing a persuasive paper can be a challenge for many students, but this is mostly because many do not know how to approach the topic. A persuasive paper is basically an argument paper or an essay where you are arguing for or against something and hope to convince your readers to see things from your point of view. Common topics for this sort of paper revolve around current events, politics, social issues, and educational themes.

Choose a topic

When you start to look for a topic for your paper you want to make sure you choose something that is easy to research, something you are passionate about, and something that is interesting. A topic you can easily find information on makes it easier to write the length and depth that your instructor requires for the paper. When your topic is something that sparks your passions or interests you are more likely to put the effort into it and do the work, which will definitely show in the finished paper. And a topic that is presented in and interesting and intelligent manner will hold the reader's attention and is more likely to leave an impact on them, which is the whole point of the paper.

Stay focused

Make sure you avoid the temptation to go off on a tangent or use the paper as a soap box. It is ok to be passionate about your topic but you must stay focused on the topic and keep everything professional, factual, and non emotional. This is why many instructors will not let students write on topics such a religion, sex, and other hot button topics like abortion and gay marriage. Emotions run too deep and too hot and it is too difficult for students to keep their own feelings out of the paper- which is necessary in any academic paper.

Double check

Make sure you double check everything before you turn it in. Check to make sure all of your points are valid and well laid out. Look for faulty logic or missed points. No writer can get it perfect the first time around, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to review and do any edits and rewrites that might be needed before you turn in the paper. Giving yourself one extra day for reviews and rewrites can go a long way in helping you get good marks and comments on your essay.


11 2016