Persuasive speech writing: being logical

Writing a persuasive speech does not have to be as terrifying as it seems to be. Many students panic and freak out when they are told they have to prepare a speech, and the persuasive speech is one of the hardest it seems. However, this does not have to be the case. A persuasive speech can be easy to write, if you can stay organized, be logical, and remain professional.

Stay organized

Organization is key to writing a successful speech and this is especially true of the persuasive talks. When you are trying to persuade someone to something or come to your point of view, you must be able to present your case in a clear and organized manner. If things are organized it is easier to follow and understand. Staying organized in your writing and your speech will also help you stay on track and make sure you present all of the important points in a logical manner.

Be logical

Speaking of presenting things in a logical manner, you entire approach needs to be carried out in a logical process. Your audience does not want to be confused by your speech and they should be able to easily identify your goals, purpose and your key talking points. Things need to progress logically and not seem to skip around. The speech needs to be written so everything is given in a logical manner rather than just thrown out there haphazardly.

Remain professional

Sometimes you may be asked to talk about a sensitive or touch subject, or it might be something that you have very strong personal feelings about. It is important that you put aside personal feelings, beliefs, and passions when working on the persuasive speech. You can use that passion to help you present your case but you must be careful that it does turn into an emotional plea. At all times your argument must be presented in a professional manner.

These are the primary points you should keep in mind as you work towards your persuasive speech and work on writing everything and preparing for the big talk. You must stay organized so everything is easy to understand and follow. Logic must govern the way you present the information and present your topic. And you must always be professional in what you say and how you present yourself and your topic. Keep these three things in mind and you are sure to find success!


11 2016