Preparing for giving a speech: several prompts

Delivering a speech is an art. You do not only have to know a lot about your topic but also be confident to be able to face an audience. It is fun to deliver a speech, you feel incredible when many people are listening carefully to you and paying attention to your words. However, to be able to deliver a good speech you must be prepared for it in advance. You should have enough practice and know the allowed time for the speech. Here are a few helpful prompts that will help you in preparing for your speech

Identify the topic of your speech. 

The first thing you need to do is identify the topic and title of your speech. Decide a topic, which you are comfortable with. If you know, nothing about your topic then you will never be able to speak on it. You will be under confident about the topic and will not be able to deliver your speech comfortably. Make sure the topic seems interesting to you and you have passion for it. This way you can speak on the topic for long

Know your audience

It is important that you determine your audiences before you prepare a speech for them. Think whether you are going to deliver a speech in front of school students, a large group of people, or a small group. If you are addressing a large audience then you have to keep your tone formal

The purpose of your speech

Think about the purpose of your speech, is it for a social cause, does it appeal to ethos, pathos or logic. Is your speech a profile speech about a personality or is about a national event? If you know the purpose of your speech well, it will be easier for you to mend your words and tone accordingly

Fact check your speech

When you are writing your speech make, sure you include those facts that are authenticated. You need to check the names of places and persons and numerical figures. Do not include information that is outdated or is not valid

Using a quote

It is a good idea to begin your speech with a famous quote or at least end it on one. Make sure to give a reference while using a quote. It can add value to your speech

Practice in front of a mirror

It improves confidence and reduces the chances of error


11 2016