A list of common tricks to compose a powerful speech

Despite the fact that writing and delivering a powerful speech may seem daunting to many people, there are some common tricks you can use which will help you create a winning presentation. These common tricks won't guarantee a perfect result but they are certainly the foundation or bedrock which many public speakers use to write a powerful speech.

  • Choose a single theme or idea.
  • Choose many backup points to support your single flame or idea.
  • Never forget to include emotion.
  • Aim to reveal a problem and then a solution to that problem.

It's always a good idea to write in longhand a single theme or idea which is the thrust of your speech. Now refine that single sentence. Make it as punchy but as relevant as possible. Have this single sentence in front of you as you compose your powerful speech. Never lose sight of this single sentence. When you try and include two or more major themes in a speech you immediately weaken its impact. Just the one is what you need.

But it is just as important to have a number of minor points or themes or ideas all of which support your main idea. It's a bit like evidence in a court case. You want to prove that someone is innocent or guilty and to do that you introduce evidence. You use facts to support your case. This is what you should and must do in creating a powerful speech.

And it doesn't matter how beautifully written your speech is or indeed how well it is delivered. Unless it tugs at the heartstrings of the listener, then it is not powerful. You must add emotion to your speech. Having good words well-written and well-spoken is not enough. Emotion is the key to a powerful speech.

But the best powerful speeches will do two things. First it will explain a problem and second it will provide a solution to that problem. This is another vital element which gives power to a powerful speech. The audience understands that something is wrong. They wonder how that something can be fixed or made a right. The speech explains how that will happen. The powerful speech provides a solution to the problem.

By using each of the four steps or tricks in creating your speech, you run a real risk of creating something quite powerful.


11 2016