How to Write a Speech Paper in a Matter of Hours?

So you were just told by your boss that the person who was supposed to speak at the big convention has falling ill. He asks you if you can fill in for him. Not wanting to pass up on this great opportunity, you say yes. Now all you have to do is take your foot out of your mouth and write an awesome speech in just a few hours.

Opportunities like this don’t come every day. This could be your only chance to show your boss that you are capable of handling needed tasks under extreme pressure. The original speaker had months to prepare his speech and you have only a few hours. Don’t panic. Here is how you get it done and impress your boss. Some quick tips before you start writing your speech.

  • Don’t write down the speech word for word-this will cause your speech to not sound natural and will take up precious practice time. Just jot down the main points.
  • Make an outline. Hit on the key points that you want to talk about.
  • Hit on three or four sub topics related to the overall topic
  • Make sure that you start with a catchy introduction. Keep it fun. Tell the audience about yourself. Try to make them laugh so you can break the ice a little bit.
  • Let your personality shine. Make sure that you don’t cause your audience’s eyes to glaze over.
  • Use different tones in your voice. Please do not speak in a monotone voice. You will lose your audience instantly.
  • Try not to use “um” or words like it a lot. This shows that you are searching for words. Your audience may spend more time counting the “ums” then listening to what you have to say.

Some research on the main topic could help you get a perspective about what you should be talking about in your speech. Reading newspaper articles and other sources can be good for you to get your mind thinking about the topic. Relating current events to your topic is a good way to get your audience’s attention. They will be able to relate to the topic and will buy into the speech.

Remember to think of your speech like any other type of essay that you have written in the past. The only real difference is that in the introduction section, you want to add a little bit about yourself. Keep the same format with a thesis and three supporting topics. This will help you get your point across to your audience.


11 2016