How To Choose The Best of The Speech Topics Available

With the wide variety of topics available, you sometimes wonder which ones are the best for you. It depends on the course you're taking, your personal interests and your teacher's guidelines. When you factor in these considerations, it should be easy to narrow down your choices of speech topics. You can start by meeting with the teacher to get suggestions from him and after you do this you can write a list of the top ten issues that you love talking about the most. Consider the hearers of your speech because you don't want to bore them with your topic.

Consider An Instructional Speech Topic

Most students and professionals give narrative, informative and argumentative speeches but you can be different and give an instructional speech on how to complete a certain task. The topic should go beyond the most basic task but instead it should be something that not many people feel they can carry out. One example is a speech on how to get in the radio broadcasting business after college. Talk about the importance of internships as a way to network with people in the industry and you can also discuss other skills radio broadcasters must possess such as a pleasant speaking voice, good taste in music and ability to analyze the latest news in an unbiased manner.

Choose An Obscure Topic

One of the best ways to get the audience's attention is to choose a topic that is so obscure that it will surprise the audience. If you need assistance in choosing an obscure topic, read some history nonfiction books since you are more likely to find obscure facts in these books. If you have a friend who researches obscure topics, ask him which of those topics would work as speech topics.


Don't just visit the library to find a good speech topic. Attend events around town such as food festivals, art exhibits at museums and galleries, bike rallies, music concerts, golf tournaments, political campaign rallies and career seminars. Sometimes you may be inspired to talk about an unusual topic for the speech. If you're still stumped for ideas, approach already studied topics from a different angle. Finally, you should choose a speech topic that you'll be excited about because the speech preparation will be tiring if you choose a topic you have no interest in.


11 2016