Informative Speech Writing: How To Make A Good Impression

Some people are born public speakers, others need to learn how to do it by practicing!

If you are the kind of person who gets nervous before they need to give a presentation then speech writing (and presenting) may not exactly be your favorite thing in the world to do. Don't worry however, because you aren't alone- many people across the globe are terrified of public speaking and would rather avoid it whenever possible. "Glossophobia" is the actual terminology used to describe this condition and over 25% of the countries population suffers from it from to one extent or another.

This might be nice to know, but it doesn't solve your problem: You are enrolled in a speech writing class and are expected to complete a speech writing and presentation assignment.

Unlike other writing assignments informative speeches don't follow very strict writing formats. Most of the time when it comes to speech writing anything goes and students are expected to write the speech in the same way that they intend to read it. You still want to include grammar and punctuation, but it can be adjusted to suit the way that you read and speak. For this reason what you want to do is write the sentences and paragraphs while reading them out loud. Throughout the editing process carefully modify the sentences to suit the way that you naturally articulate. The one nice thing about working in this format is that you have the opportunity to get creative- you can really add a bit of personality and make your speech unique.

If you really want to make a good impression with your speech and get an "A evaluation on the assignment do your best to instill your personality and knowledge about the subject matter into the presentation. Choose a subject that you are knowledgeable about and can speak about it with enthusiasm. Keep in mind that, you can really demonstrate your abilities as well have get the confidence that you need to speak in front of an audience by starting with a topic that you genuinely like. Besides it is a lot easier to overcome your fear when you are talking about things that you are passionate about and feel are important because it will feel more natural and relaxed to give an informative speech presentation about something that interests you.


11 2016