Deciding on A Good Speech Topic

Have you ever received an assignment where the teacher allowed you to choose any topic you wanted and you felt stumped for ideas? Maybe you wished the teacher would assign you a topic so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed in choosing a speech topic. Actually, it is good for the teacher to let you choose your own topic because it allows you do deep research and devise a unique topic to talk about. Never choose a speech topic that would be considered too heated or offensive to both the teacher and students. You also shouldn’t choose a speech topic that has been exhausted by writers and scholars such as gun control laws or childhood obesity.

Think About What You Are Passionate About

Everyone is passionate about certain things and if you want to choose the best speech topic, you should choose one based on an issue that means a lot to you. For example, if you are concerned about the way military veterans are treated once they return from service, you can write a speech stating the ways in which they receive poor service and how the community can help the veterans.

Consider The Purpose of The Event and Target Audience

If you’re delivering the speech at an event, you want to keep the event’s theme and target audience in mind. If you’re attending a conference for nurses and others who work in healthcare, you would choose a speech topic that discusses the latest challenges in the healthcare profession and how this would affect patients. It helps to research the latest healthcare issues before deciding on the topic.

Let The Topic Showcase Your Area of Expertise

If your loved ones are tired of hearing about military history every time you visit them but they just tolerate it, you can take this expertise to others by making it your speech topic. Don’t just discuss military history in a generic sense; create a speech topic that narrows in on a certain moment in military history that is not well-known by most Americans.


Choosing a speech topic is difficult at times but if you’re well-researched in a variety of subjects and you experienced a lot in life, you can present a speech that is memorable and unique. Spend a week researching the speech then after this you should writing the speech. Finally, proofread the speech before giving it to the teacher.


11 2016