Reasons Why Marijuana Should be Legalized


Behind alcohol and tobacco, marijuana is considered as the third most popular recreational substance not only in the United States, but also in some parts of the world. The thing that differentiates marijuana from the other two is its legality. This paper will draw the four most important arguments about marijuana that justifies the reason for making it legal. The four areas of concern whether the government has the strong grounds to prohibit marijuana, health implications and benefits, economic value and social significance will be explored in order to make a strong stand to imply its legalization. In the past decades, marijuana was frowned upon by the society because of the myths that surrounds its use. However, several debates have shown the light to the issue because of the rising awareness about marijuana's questionable reputation. More and more people are now accepting the idea of legalizing marijuana because of the factors that constitutes a valid argument of its legality.  This paper will present the most significant attributes that will justify why marijuana should be legalized. 


Since the 1990s, the public there has been a steady increase in support of legalizing marijuana not just for medicinal, but also for recreational use. Skeptics view the idea of Marijuana legalization as major tolerance of the society to drug addiction. Considering the intoxicating effects of illegal drugs to users and the alleged relationship of illegal drugs to crime, portions of the population are adamant if legalization should ever be considered in the first place. However, recent the recent survey of 1,000 adult correspondents conducted by The CBS News Poll on November revealed that public is evenly divided in its opinion about the legalization of marijuana. On a more personal note, marijuana should be legalized on the grounds of reducing the number of people incarcerated for its possession and use. In addition, legalizing marijuana will eliminate several problems such as the need for costly random drug tests among government and private employees promote cannabis for its health benefits and the federal government will earn billions of dollars in tax.


01 2020