Searching for a Trustworthy Essay Writing Company

To avoid essay scammers and find a good company to write essays for money, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Look at the year when the website was established.
  • A writing service created less than a year ago has the greatest probability of being a scammer. This is especially true for companies that do not mention their age at all. Meanwhile, those that have been around for more than five years are generally reliable; they have regular customers and value their reputation.

  • Check the company’s legal registration.
  • Look into the contacts section. Can you see their legal address? Is the company located in your country? Do they have a state registration number? If the answer is yes, you can stop your check here – this website is among the most reliable ones. However, its essays might be priced a bit higher than average in the market as they have to pay more taxes.

  • Check the company’s price against its competitors.
  • Open pricing sections on several writing websites to compare them side by side. Which is the cheapest? Which is the most expensive? A higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality, but there is no way to deliver a decent essay for less than $9-10 per page. Good writers need adequate pay. If a company charges lower than that, they probably hire unskilled and/or ESL writers. Moreover, they might be scammers who would take your money and deliver no essay. Stick to companies whose price is around average, or a bit higher.

  • Check the safety banners by third parties.
  • Many writing websites boast safety labels by computer security software providers. However, some of these are reported by users to be fake; when you click at them, they do not re-direct to the website of the company to which they supposedly belong. Always check whether the service’s safety claims are genuine. If this website uses fake banners, it is better not to buy your essay there.

  • Assess the quality of texts on the website.
  • Read the main page and other informative sections. Is the content well-written? Is it clear and easy-flowing? Are there any grammar or spelling mistakes, or clumsy structures? Assume that your essay will be written just as well as these texts. Only consider this website if you are satisfied with them.

  • Read the user agreement carefully.
  • When a company re-sells your essay to another student, it is technically not scam if you have agreed to it in the user agreement. Read it attentively before placing your order to know what you actually sign up to.


06 2021