Speech writing: don't be boring

Because a speech is written to be spoken and not just to be read, the way you write one is different from the way you write an essay or other assignment. When you have a speech that you to need to write, it's very important that you look at your instructions carefully. For most assignments like this, the teacher will tell you exactly what he wants from your speech and how you should format the written form of it. If you are given a topic, make sure you stick to it. If you can choose your own topic, try to find one that you are passionate about. That passion will show through in your voice and actions during the speech. Excitement is contagious, and it will engage your audience in a much more meaningful way.

Finding a Topic for your Speech

If you want a really good, non-boring speech, you need to start with a great topic. Finding one can be easier than you think. If your teacher has given you a few to choose from or specific guidelines about what you can do for a topic, make sure your choice is within those parameters. If not, it can be a little more difficult to pin down just one idea. Here are some tips for finding and narrowing down your topic list:

  • First, you can look in the library. If you do some research on a topic option from your teacher or on a subject you like then it may spark some ideas. Just reading up about some things related to the topic could interest you, and will probably interest your audience in turn.
  • Ask your teacher about topics students have done in the past that he or she really enjoyed. Why not see what has been successful in this class in the past, if you're free to choose your own topic?
  • Another thought to consider is: what if you did a topic you know nothing about, something really strange or obscure, to challenge yourself? This will show your teacher that you can apply your skills to any subject and that you've learned to stretch your boundaries.

After you have your topic, the rest should be simple. Starting with a great, non-boring topic lays the foundation for an interesting, engaging speech. As long as you show that interest and passion while you're delivering the speech, your audience will love it.


11 2016