Speech Writing Secrets: Tricks To Catch Attention Immediately

When you are writing a speech, you are definitely not writing an essay. The terms of speeches are different and there are many practical considerations to take into account. Everything you say must have weight by its own, and your accidence cannot rewind and rehear your speech should they miss something. In addition, if you have any points that are complex or require thought, your audience cannot miss things. In addition, for that, they need to be paying attention. Thankfully, there are some techniques that can be used to catch attention immediately. This is important because it makes your audience care about what you are saying.

First, most of the things you must do are not in the writing itself but your deliver. You have a friend that tells stories. You will find that a bad storyteller can make even what should be an exciting story boring. Make sure that is not you! Speaking of which, opening with an interesting and funny story is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. This allows them to be invested emotionally in what you are talking about, and a good story can make them laugh and put them at ease. It is also a casual way to open a speech, even if what you say is a heavy topic.

Next, you should open with a lot of enthusiasm without coming off as a try hard. The thing that you do not want to use when giving a speech is coming off as desperate. This is a very unattractive way to be, and desperation will make at audience at best bored and at worst terribly uncomfortable. Instead calm down, but come in with enough energy. You should be excited about your topic, but you should not pretend to be more excited than you are. Opening with this kind of honestly can grab and hold your audience's attention.

More than this, you should write well. The way to write a speech is to consider that all your audience is going to be thinking about is the one train of thought you are talking about right then, so you should write to take advantage of this. In addition, the thing with attention grabbers is that unless you are telling a story, you should make them sort. Within ten seconds, the audience will probably know if they want to listen to you more or not, so that is all the time, you have to make them care about what you are talking about.


11 2016