How To Buy A Persuasive Speech And Avoid Getting Scammed?

The popularity of buying essays, papers, or speeches online has only risen, and for quite a few reasons. Students who are feeling frustrated with writing their speeches turn to expert help. And although it's normal for anxiety and stress to set in with any writing project, it doesn't have to be endured.

If you're thinking about paying someone online to write your speech for you, there are a few things to consider. To make sure that you aren't being scammed, there are two ways to find a good company to find an expert speechwriter.

  1. Get a Recommendation
  2. The best way, of course, is to ask a friend. Ask anyone you know, even people who haven't been in school for a long time, or people not yet in university. See if anyone you know in person (or even ask your online pen pal, if you have one) if they've ever used a speech or essay writing service online before.

    This way, it's easy to feel more confident in where your money is going because you know that someone else you trust has had a great experience with doing the same thing. You can ask them exactly what to do and how the process went so that nothing will surprise you. Another way for you is to check out different essay writing service reviews and compare them.

  3. Do An Online Search

The second way is to find some companies yourself. This option is second best, so use it if you really can't find anyone to give you a recommendation. Search online for “speech writing service” or something to that effect, and click on a few of the websites that come up in the results. There are a few things you can specifically look for that will help you avoid a scam. Here are some things the company should have before you pay them:

  • Excellent customer service team – try contacting them to see how promptly and politely they reply to you, and even if you don't have a real question, ask something you already know the answer to
  • Do they specifically write speeches or just essays and papers? Check that they do advertise for speech writing, because its a lot different than an essay
  • Look at their guarantee – do they say “if you're not satisfied, your money back” or anything like that for a safety net?
  • Do they employ native English speakers? This is important for an authentic sounding speech


10 2020