10 Interesting Speech Topics

When you're drawing a blank on what topic to focus on for a speech, don't panic. There are several basic, highly interesting topics you can use as intriguing fail-safes in the event that you have trouble picking a topic yourself. These include:

  • Relationships. Relationships are a massive part of people's lives. Whether it regards family, children, friends, love, sexuality or anything else, people love to talk about relationships. If you want a speech topic that hits home with almost any audience, relationships is the right way to go.
  • Politics. This isn't just an interesting speech topic; it's a possible volatile one. Issues in politics have sparked passionate debate and historical speeches for centuries. People are always interested in hearing about political issues that maybe have a serious impact on their lives.
  • Race and Ethnicity. Racial and ethnic identity is a huge concern in modern society. With ongoing biases and a history full of various prejudices, racial and ethic relations affect everyone on the planet. Everyone will be paying close attention if you bring up this touchy, sensitive topic.
  • Crime & Punishment.There are many conflicting opinions about what's criminal and what constitutes fair punishment. If you address something in this topic area for your speech, you'll definitely get peaked interest and passionate responses from people no matter what opinions they hold.
  • Education. Every person goes through some form of education, and everyone has differing opinions on it. Address types of education, learning styles or anything else regarding the education industry and you're bound to get a passionate response from the audience.
  • Health. Anything that informs or addresses health issues is typically of grave importance to most people. Whether they suffer form a health issue themselves, know a friend or family member who suffers, or are just plain wary of poor health, anyone would be interested in hearing more about certain health-related topics.
  • Entertainment Industry. Video games, movies, books, television and all this (and more) is part of the entertainment industry. People enjoy this industry every day of their lives, and you have some meaningful insight into it, they'll be willing to listen. People care about their entertainment, so they're guaranteed to be interested in what you have to say.
  • Money. The world runs on money, and if you're giving a speech about it, people are guaranteed to listen. Whether you're addressing the economy or examining ways to save a few bucks, you'll have all eyes (and ears) on you. Money affects everyone, and everyone is interested in hearing more about it!
  • Psychology. People love to know about how their minds work. After all, the human mind is a fascinating machine. Abnormal psychology sparks even more of an interest due to its unordinary nature. If you want to intrigue and wow an audience, take a step into the complicated workings of the human brain, or buy psychology essay online to get immediate writing help.


05 2022