Persuasive Speech Examples Can Help You With Your Writing

Persuasive speeches are useful writing models for a few reasons.

  1. They demonstrate how to express an idea
  2. They demonstrate how to argue effectively
  3. They demonstrate how instill passion and enthusiasm into your writing.

This is why many instructors recommend that student's study from persuasive speech examples when they want to learn how to be better writers, because these 3 elements combine can enhance any academic writing assignment such as an essay or a thesis. This is because essentially a speech is the same as an argumentative essay except you say it out loud.

Speech writing falls under the same categories of academic writing as debate papers and argumentative essays because the purpose for writing is similar. You want to get your ideas across in a way that will be convincing to the audience (or reader) although speeches are not usually as "detail oriented" and are driven by passionate insights, they hold a lot of merit as an example of how to convince someone to believe in what you are saying or be cohered into agreeing.

Students who want to be better writers in all areas can learn a lot about writing from listening to famous speeches like "I had a dream..." or "The only thing to fear...” these infamous lines and coinciding speeches are historic examples of the power of language and the difference that word choice, and sentence structure can have on a written pieces impact. Depending on how you choose to deliver your information will make a difference whether or not your written content is effective. Although there are many ways to say the same thing, how can it be said so that people will be interested? How can you can someone to stop and listen?

Capturing your reader is what writing is all about. Tapping into an emotion that is relatable and encouraging the reader to "read on.." is the main purpose of any written composition whether is be academic like an essay or for leisurely reading like a short story. Speeches, demonstrate how to do this dramatically because they are about grabbing the attention of an actual audience and "engaging a room".

If you do one thing to help improve your understanding of great writing, stop and read a few speech examples. No matter what kind of writing you are struggling with you can learn a thing or two buy examining the structure of a speech and how it is impactful to a reader.


11 2016