How to Generate Easy Research Topics

One good way to find an easy research topic is by reading the local newspaper because it often has the latest current events that deal with any field of study as well as what you learned in class. You can also get easy research topics by reading a few academic journal articles on the topics you discussed in class. Sometimes your professor may also help you find a good and simple research topic. Another idea is to talk with your classmates because they may have ideas on the best sources for research topics.

Read More Books

If you're still struggling to find an easy research topic, you should visit the library and read three to four new nonfiction books that deal with current issues or the lives of important people in history because this could spark a certain interest in a topic and you can build on this interest by writing a research paper on it. For example, if you read a few books about jazz legends' troubled lives, you can write a research paper on the roles that racism, depression and insecurity played in the legends' lives and music as well as their contributions to the genre.

Think About Events in Your Own Life

Sometimes events in your own life serve as inspiration for a research paper. For example, if both of your parents died when you and your siblings were young and all of you were separated and sent to group homes, write a research paper on how the foster care system can be improved and the emotional effects of children who are separated from their siblings in the foster care system.

Conversations With Friends

If you and your friends had good intellectual conversations recently on a certain issue, you can take that topic and write a research paper. This allows you to place yourself in the shoes of the friends who want answers to certain questions and your research paper can answer those questions.


It is not always easy to locate a good research paper but if you look for inspiration in the right places, you will be able to find a good research topic. Don't choose a very broad and overly researched topic because it will bore the readers. Instead you should choose a unique and relevant topic that gets readers interested. Finally, you should choose a topic that you'll be able to gather enough information about.


11 2016