What Goes On a Title Page?

The title page appears at the beginning of written works such as a thesis paper or book.  It displays several significant details pertaining to the content that precedes it.  How information is presented on the page depends on the form of work in connection to it.  For a thesis or term paper, it’s likely the first page viewed with details such as the author name, academic course, professor name and date.  The page may or may not have a number or require a certain citation style.  A thesis for a term paper may vary with details including academic credentials, department name, full title and graduation date.  The following details outline components commonly found on a title page.

  • There are different styles for title pages but the APA (American Psychological Association) format is the most common used.
  • A page number, article title, author name, running head and author affiliation may be included.  There are examples online you can view to get a better idea on how the information is presented.
  • If a running head is included it should be flush against the top left of the page.  To the top right and flush, the page number may be placed.
  • The title of the work may appear at the top half of the page with centered margins.  The wording should include lower-case and upper-case lettering.
  • Based on the format of choice the details may be presented differently.  For APA, the title, name of the writer/author and school affiliation may be included on the page.  The length of the title is usually 12 words or less.  Degree or title details (such as Ph. D. or Dr.) can be omitted. 
  • When choosing a title, make it crisp and concise; it should be something readers can identify with associated text.   The title should clearly describe what the paper is about.  Keep in mind what words you use to create your title.  Try to avoid phrases such as “A Study of…”  Use words that add meaning to your title.

Creating a title page is fairly simple once you understand basic parts needed. In creating your title, use experimental variables and your hypothesis as inspiration.  There are 5 details to remember that appear on the title page: title, name, school affiliation, running head and page number (if needed).  The school name, author name and title can be double-spaced at the center of the page. Visit ThesisHelpers to get quality editing services for cheap.


12 2019