Free Essays Available Online Are Worthless

Everyone wants something for free. Unfortunately, we usually get what we pay for in this world. Rare is the free item that is actually worth anything to us in the end. And such is the case with essays that are available online. While it sounds great to get free papers that are available for instant download, the sad reality is these essays are not even worth the time it takes to download them. Read through the list of reasons below to not waste your time on looking for free essays that will be anything other than worthless.

  • Pre-Fabricated. The first problem with free essays is they are always pre-written. It is pretty much impossible to locate one on exactly the topic you need when you are choosing from options that were all done ahead of time. You won’t be able to request a certain length, style, tone, or anything else. You are stuck with what they offer upfront, and most likely that will not fit your needs.
  • Low Quality. Not surprisingly, free essays are generally of terrible quality. There are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and poor punctuation. Since they are not being sold for actual dollars, there is little motivation on the part of the writer to ensure the quality of the essay. You would do better just typing out the very first thing that comes to your mind than downloading a free essay.
  • No Thesis. Beyond the basic spelling and grammar problems, another major issue with free essays is that they have no cohesive argument throughout the paper. In fact, if you read through many free essays you will have a hard time even understanding what the paper is supposed to be about. The content is almost always worthless and loosely related to the topic at hand.
  • Passed Around. Since they are free, these essays get reposted all over the web. That means that they will almost surely be found as plagiarism if checked using an online tool. Should you be turning in one of these essays for an assignment, expect to be caught cheating.

No matter which way to slice it, free essays are worthless. Don’t waste your time wading through the piles of bad writing hoping to find a good one somewhere in there. You won’t find anything worth your time, and would be better off just getting started writing the paper yourself, or seeking a premium writing service that can better fit your needs.


10 2017