The Commencement Speech

Giving a commencement speech is a huge honor and a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your graduating class. However, for many, it is actually a moment to dread. The work it takes to put it together combined with the fear of actually delivering it is enough for many people to see the distinction as more of a burden. Fortunately, our speech can show you how to write a great commencement speech, especially if you are worried about delivering it. Our product event provides commencement speech examples to learn from.

Commencement Speech Ideas

The best commencement speeches all start with the best ideas. Our product will help you find yours, refine it and figure out the best way to present it. All high school commencement speeches should review the four years leading up to graduation. While we will provide commencement speech examples, our product will also show you how to customize your speech so it highlights specific events during your tenure that will make your speech relatable to all your classmates. Examples of such events would be things like certain sporting events, classes, dances and other events you might all share in c common.

Outlining Your Speech

The easiest way to write a great speech is to outline a great speech. This goes as much for a student commencement speech as anything else. Once you have your idea, it is important to build an outline around it. Just like we will supply you with examples of commencement speeches, examples of outlines for these commencement speeches will also be included. Seeing both side by side will help you appreciate the evolution from idea to outline to actual speech.

The main positive about doing an outline is that it helps you take your whole speech in at once. You can see everything you plan to say and make sure you don’t leave anything out. It also helps you see if you have weighted any areas with too much information than others.

Though our outline templates are made to cover anyone’s goal with their speech, you will be able to use it to create a custom speech that is unique to your class and school.

Delivering Your Commencement Speech

Many people are less concerned about writing their speech than they are with delivering it. Studies show that, on average, people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of even death. Our product takes this into account and provides tips and advice on how to tackle this common issue.

One of the main ways we handle this problem is by helping you write the best possible speech you can. When you are confident in what you have written, it makes presenting it that much easier. Furthermore, your confidence will shine through; your audience will pick up on this and respond positively. Many people would not dare to inject theirs with humor, but many people have given funny commencement speeches before and we can show you how. One positive with giving a funny commencement speech is that it can help loosen you up, lighten the mood and even engage your audience. Even if the whole thing is not funny, one or two jokes spread out the whole speech could make all the difference.

Commencement speeches are a time honored tradition that gives you the last word on your high school experience. Do not let the preparation worry you or become a source of needless anxiety. Let our product take the pain and frustration out of writing the speech. When it comes time to deliver it to your audience, rest easy knowing our product has prepared you for every aspect of the delivery.


11 2016