Is It Reasonable To Buy An Essay Or It’s Better To Search For A Free One?

If it is your first time using a writing service or not doing your own work, it can be overwhelming thinking about the best options to complete it. You can do what some students do and find one online and rewrite it and turn it in for free. But if you have the money, you can also hire professional service that will create a new one for you from scratch. While both of these are forms of cheating, there are some pros and cons to using each one.

Using A Writing Service

  • Pro: When you use a service, you will get original work. This means that there will be little to no chance of it being plagiarized.
  • Pro: You don’t have to do any work.
  • Pro: You have a higher chance of getting a higher grade.
  • Con: It could be late. If you choose the wrong service for your project, they could give you late work or not complete it.
  • Con: These types of services can be expensive to use.
  • Con: You can still get caught if your instructor sees that the essay isn’t written like previous ones. Most instructors do know the way you write and after grading your work for a while, they can tell if you didn’t complete the assignment.

Using A Free Essay

  • Pro: It’s free and you don’t have to pay for it.
  • Pro: You can find one online for just about any subject or topic that you are covering.
  • Pro: You have to rewrite it so you have a minimal chance of it being flagged as plagiarized.
  • Con: You have to rewrite the piece, so it won’t be plagiarized.
  • Con: It might be hard to find the topic you need to write about for your assignment
  • Con: If you don’t do a well enough job rewriting it then you will get in trouble for plagiarizing and get a bad grade.

Both of these options will get your assignment completed on time but which one is the best to use? Both of these options will cut your work time in half but you won’t learn anything if you hire a writing service. But if you use the free sample, you at least will be learning something about the topic and the final product will be in your own words. Keep in mind that you can’t hand in a sample copy that you found online. The best option is to do the work on your own.


12 2020