Speech writing guide: understanding your audience

These days co-curricular activities are appreciated much education institutes. Speech is one of the most appreciated activities. Speech delivering is a skilled task. A speech can be delivered in a good way only if it is written techtfully. Speech writing is an art. Speech must be written in a persuasive way. There are many types of speeches. You can write a speech on almost every kind of phenomenon but there is a limitation. Most of the times, speeches are delivered on some specific occasions, so speeches can be occasion based. The speeches should always address the issue appropriately. The young students who are asked to deliver a speech in a school or college function get worried about the speech writing. They try to seek help from their parents or elder ones. In this age of business no none has time for others, everyone is rushing to straighten his/her own way.

If you are stuck in a difficult situation like this that you do not find anyone who can write a good speech for you then you do not need to get worried any more. This article will provide you with basic guideline of writing an effective speech. The most important thing in a good speech is always the audience. Here is the steps by step guide that how you can tackle your audience by writing a good speech:

  • Speech is a target document intended to hit the audience or involve the audience. So it should be written in a manipulative and persuasive way.
  • Understanding of audience is very important for the speaker. If he/she knows well what are the needs, demands, knowledge, criterion, and standards of audience then he/she can deliver a speech in more effective way.
  • You must be familiar with the purpose of audience. If you know for what audiences are here and what exactly they want to listen then you can write or deliver a better speech by fulfilling the audience expectations.
  • You must also be aware of the age, gender, educational background of audience as a whole. It will help you designing your speech in a precise way.
  • If you are quoting anything or providing some information then it must be correct.
  • In short words, to write a good speech you must be aware of demographics of audience, you must have understanding and analysis of audience and environment and you must keep in mind interests and expectations of listeners.


11 2016