Writing a Personal Statement is Not Complicated

When high school seniors apply to college, they not only need good ACT or SAT scores and a good GPA, but they also need a well-written and interesting personal statement. While the idea of applying to college is daunting for many students, there really is no need to worry about writing a personal statement, because they are not complicated.

Show Your Personality

Even students who cannot write well can craft a quality personal statement. Most colleges and universities will provide topics or questions that need to be answered. The best personal statements are the ones that provide enough information so that admissions boards can see a student’s personality and many students write statements that are incredibly boring.

Hire a Writer

If you worry about writing your personal statement because your writing skills are low, you can always hire a writer to craft a statement to your specifications, in addition to buying cheap essays. Today’s writing companies let their customers communicate directly with their selected writer. With a good writing company, you will be able to tell the writer exactly what you want your personal statement to say. The writing will be good and your voice will be heard.

Find Advice on the College Website

However, if you choose to write a personal statement, you will find that they are not very difficult to craft. Many universities provide advice for college applicants so they know exactly what they want from their applicants. If you check out the advice, the mystery of writing a personal statement disappears.

Be Unique

Most universities want the same things in the personal statements they receive. They want to see what experiences you have had and what you have learned from them. Most colleges want to see either achievements or failures and you should only choose the experiences that you can describe the best. They want to see vivid experiences with studious reflection. Many times, the most horrible events, like death, injuries and illnesses, and even bad grades can become the most interesting personal experiences because the bad experiences often have the most meaningful learning experiences.

Follow the Specs

Since colleges have so many of them to read, they will have specific requirements for their personal statements. It is important that you follow those requirements exactly. It is also a good idea to have several people read your statement so that you can get a variety of feedback; but, be sure that your readers will give you honest feedback s you can make adjustments to make your statement better.


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