Giving an impromptu speech is something we will all have to do at some point or another in our lives, especially if you are in college. While this can be a potentially difficult thing, there are plenty of ways to prepare for it beforehand to guarantee your unplanned moment in the spot line is not one you have to handle completely unprepared. If you have an impromptu speech assignment coming up, our product will cover everything from topic ideas to outline your speech to impromptu speech examples.

Impromptu Speech Topics

Generally speaking, you don’t get to choose your topic for an impromptu speech. The whole point is that your professor is testing how well you know the subject of the class in total. If your grasp of the subject is a firm one, than he any topics for impromptu speeches should be something you are able to speak at length on in an impromptu speech. Definitions, examples, arguments, etc. should all be things you can cover in your speech. Of course, even if you know your subject backwards and forwards, that does not mean speaking without preparation will be easy. That is where an outline comes in handy.

Outlining Your Speech in the Moment

Just because you do not have the time to sit down and write your thoughts out, does not mean you cannot apply the same principles you would to a paper. For example, you can still outline your ideas. Impromptu speech outlines follow the same basic principles as a normal outline; you just need to organize your thoughts off the cuff. Our product will show you how to effectively imagine an outline and insert the different components of the topic where they belong. Then you can give your speech confident you are covering all the major facets.


Many people simply detest public speaking. Imagine how much more they hate it when the topic they are to speak on is one they know nothing about until moments before it is time to deliver. Our product works to take the worry out of both of these aspects. We can teach you how to speak with confidence by taking the fear out of public speaking. Methods like outlining, discussed above, will touch directly on how to speak unrehearsed and achieve the same results.

Impromptu speeches can be nerve wracking, but they need not be. Our product will walk you through what is not an impromptu speech and what is. Impromptu speech samples will take you through how people in your shoes handled the topic given to them: outlining it and delivering it in such a way that they covered all the relevant information. You will gain the confidence necessary to deliver your speech without hesitation or nerves in such a way that persuades others not just of the ideas but of your own conviction. At some point or another, you will need to give a speech only second after hearing the subject. This does not mean you have to be unprepared though. With our product, you will always be ready.


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