Creating a good speech: public speaking prompts

Public speaking skill is considered as the one of most beneficial skill. Everyone should be master in speaking effectively in public. This skill can be learned in school and colleges. The educational institutes offer students co-curricular activities. Speech is introduced in almost every kind of school or college. Students must participate in such programmers which help them developing the skills of public speaking. Speech delivery is a tactful task and it needs practice. With practice you can become a skillful public orator. Along with delivering a speech publically the speech writing is also the same important aspect. If you are good in creating a public speech then you must be good in delivering it publically.

Most of the times, people get worried about writing an effective and ideal speech and they do not know from where to start an ideal speech and what not to include in a good speech. These are the common problems faced by new speech writers. Your problem can be solved in a few minutes. This article will provide you with certain tips that you can apply while writing a good speech. Audience prompts are also provided in form of tips below here:

  • Two main things that you need to do in a speech is speech writing and speech delivering.
  • Speech writing requires audience analysis, understanding of audience, the demands and expectations of audience.
  • Selection of topic should be made according to the occasion on which you are going to deliver a speech.
  • Introduction of your speech must be involving and catchy.
  • The content of speech must be precise, correct and facts based.
  • Body of the speech should be developed according to the time limit provided to you.
  • Conclusion of speech must be persuasive and purposeful.
  • The time is very important point in speech. Your speech must be designed according to the time provided. You must take care of time in writing speech especially for the speeches which are to be delivered in competitions.
  • The second most important thing is speech delivery. The ideal would be if you memorize your speech or you make short notes just to glance once in a while during speaking.
  • You should pronounce words correctly. Every word should sound clear and distinct.
  • You should also use body language and persuasive gestures.
  • Your expressions should meet your words.


11 2016