Informative Speeches: 8 Prompts from an Expert

Informative speeches can do so very much for an audience –when the right information is provided in that speech. No matter what topic you are giving a speech on, there is a ton of information to be learned. How can you ensure that a speech is created that delivers an impact? Take it from the experts!

Here are 8 prompts from an expert that you should use when creating a speech.

  1. Brainstorming
  2. An informative speech is one that provides a plethora of detailed information to the audience. You should tell them something they did not know before, something they will take back home with them and feel confident to know. Brainstorming is the easiest way to develop wonderful ideas for the speech.

  3. A Feel-Good Speech
  4. Creating a speech that leaves people informed means you need to create a speech that you feel good about. This is far easier to do when a subject is selected that you enjoy.

  5. Leave a Q & A Session After the Speech
  6. A Q & A session after the speech has been read is a good idea. This will enable listeners to have all of their questions answered so they are completely informed regarding the subject.

  7. Describe the Pros and the Cons of the Subject
  8. Although you may feel completely overjoyed concerning a subject, it has its flaws and those flaws should be discussed. Informative speeches should provide all of the information that is needed for positive results. You have your opinion; always others to form their own.

  9. Create a Picture in the Mind of the Audience
  10. Another way to connect with the audience is to talk to them in a manner in which they can use to form a picture in their own mind. They should be able to envision what you are talking about which will make it so much easier to relate to the material being presented.

  11. Tell the Audience how to do Something
  12. Any good speech will include this bit of information.

  13. Support, when Needed
  14. If there is supporting evidence of what you are saying, ensure that you have that available to provide to the audience. When you can back up what you say, winning the audience over is not difficult to do.

  15. Demonstrations are Effective
  16. Although you are presenting a speech you can still use demonstrations when you talk. As with creating visuals inside of the mind, demonstrations are effective at helping the audience better relate to the subject and the material you are providing to them.


11 2016