What Is the Key Element of Your Speech?

It is fair to say that anybody can make a speech -- the key point of course is that not everybody can make a good speech. There are a number of factors which go to make up a good speech and an excellent approach is to find out which is the key element. When you know exactly what your key element is, you're in a position to use this as the foundation of your speech and build other aspects of the speech around this key element.

In this particular article we are assuming that the key element is an aspect of the topic. It is most important that you of all people, the speaker at the event, must know the primary focus or the key element of your speech. This is particularly so if you have been asked to talk on the topic which is not of your choosing. In this case you will need to conduct the necessary research. On the other hand, if you are able to choose the topic of your speech you will quickly ascertain the key element.

What is it all about?

In preparing your speech, and just as you would prepare the writing of an essay, you need to construct your primary point or your key element. The equivalent of this key element of speech is a thesis statement in an essay. So in a nutshell, what is the main point of your speech?

This you should be able to write in a single sentence. This is the hub or crux of your speech. Everything you mention in your speech will emanate from this key element. Keeping the number of words in your key element to as few as possible is always a good idea. In planning your speech, you can place your key element in the centre of the page and then draw lines to points you wish to make all as a result of the key element.

Of course there are a number of factors which should be present in your speech and these include your ability to remain relaxed, to use notes if necessary or even cue cards, to use natural forms of humour and to know exactly where you will stand and move if at all during your speech. But these are the mechanical aspects of your presentation. The content is by far the most important aspect. And within the content will be your key element.

One of the good things about making a speech is that you are able to rehearse well before hand. Yes it is a live performance but it is one you have planned and rehearsed before the actual presentation. Use a mirror and monitor your facial expressions and hand movements. If you need to have notes, make them in two versions. The first can be a verbatim recording so that if necessary you can read exactly what you want to say. The second is a point by point list of what you intend to say and if you're well-rehearsed and you won't be giving a verbatim version.


11 2016