Writing a speech based on critique essays

Critique essays can help you understand areas of strength and weakness on a topic or subject. Writing a speech is a unique way to present meaningful information to a listening audience. Having both aspects come together to make a creative speech can be a tall order to fill, but depending on how you look at the situation, you may see the good in it after all after some time, patience, and thorough review. There are a few things to consider in getting more insight with critique essays and writing your speech.

Pulling Out Good Information

You should be able to take the time to pull out the good details to use in your speech. This means you need to make notes about useful information and consider how it will fit into your speech. You may or may not have an idea on what your speech is about, but reviewing critique essays can at least give some direction for content you should consider. Think about the message you want to express, the length of the speech so you pull enough information, and how final points selected will come together.

Can You Take a Negative and Turn It Into a Positive?

Maybe you came across content that had negative feedback or for some reason; you got a negative vibe from reading it in the essay. Is there something about this information you can present from another angle? This may present another challenge in itself, especially if the negativity is related to the point you hope to get across in your speech. Try to come up with a few ways to make the negative feedback or feeling you obtained from the critique essay into something workable for your speech. Sometimes you may not be able to do this based on the content, or if it doesn’t make sense to do so, but it may not hurt to try.

What Do You Want People to Know?

As previously mentioned, a speech works to present meaningful details you want to audience to know. So what information would you want people to know from critique essays? This can be anything based on subject matter. Maybe you want to raise awareness about something or clarify a common misconception. Think about the information you have collected from the essay and how you would want someone else to learn about it.


11 2016