How To Find Interesting Essay Topics: Free Advice For College Students

College students have to graze their shoulders with an array of essay topics. Although at the outset, it seems a simple procedure; a plain matter of putting a head, body and tail to a piece of writing and organizing the setup. The reality is however quite different.

Hard work and research

Writing a quality essay entails a lot of hard work and research. You cannot just move your pen in a flow, knowing a bit about the topic. You have to be methodical with your assertions; place solutions for problems existing in the genre.

Spaces to check

There are a few enlightening topics which give you a head-start, if only you choose to find. You can look for them in various spaces –

  • Online essay sites – These of course are filled with brilliant topics on which you may have to write in future. The topics serve as guidance and platform for preparation. There are varied topics herein, but the problem is that many times, the topics in one site are woefully similar to the other. You have to thus keep on scouring sites to get the best available topics.
  • Blogs – Blogging sites cover a lot of relevant topics which may be converted into essays. The points given are astute and precise and you just have to change the writing style. Since most blogs are written by experts, you know you have valuable pieces at hand.
  • College – Your College has been placing essay topics to students for years now and has a resolute collection of heady topics. You should keep in touch with past students and also the faculty members and take their valuable suggestions by heart.

Here are 10 interesting essay topics for your convenience –

  1. Has presentation completely taken over class – The best scientist of the world is lesser known than an average actor. Comment
  2. Should animals be kept in a zoo?
  3. Does the existing education system need to be changed? How?
  4. Will Racism ever disappear? Place credible examples like the movie Crash or treatment of Asians in US
  5. Should we root for evolution or creation?
  6. Is it right to give as much freedom to kids as they are given these days?
  7. The impact of religion on wars
  8. Are advancing technologies actually making us inept and lethargic?
  9. Explain the merit and bane of grades – Should grading be banned in schools?
  10. Evaluate the mindset of a hardened criminal. Reason out the scope for correction.


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